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Banana Kush

Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush Marijuana: The Sweetest Tasting Weed for Quick Pain Relief

Marijuana, weed, hash, Kush, are a few terms that are most commonly being used for cannabis, the new mantra that is seemingly gaining an increasing popularity with every passing day. It seems more and more people are finding an easy relief in being pot headed. But, what’s important is to know the exact variety of marijuana that your body needs. Only then will you be able to exploit the benefits of the marijuana smoke.

Among other varieties that are legally available in the market, the Banana Kush weed is quiet beneficial as well as good to taste. The plant is an indica hybrid, and just like others in the hybrid category, it affects the body more than the mind, effectively relaxing the muscles, and creating a sense of euphoria with a serious jolt of pain relief. A small dose of the same can cause sleepiness and hence calm your body.

The hybrid character of the banana Kush genetics comes from XXX-OG Kush and Banana mix. The Kush part as is believed, originated in the Himalayas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir in North West India. The Kush being a landrace plant comes from the natural process of adapting to the environment, which is then hybrid with banana plants.

The strain effect of Banana Kush is useful for curing various medical conditions, especially the ones that involve pain in the body. Many patients that complain of insomnia post treatment/operations can rely on it to gain back normal sleep within a short span of time. The banana Kush strain is also extremely effective in case of migraine headaches, and treating anxiety disorders and extreme conditions of stress and depression.

Beside the ups, there are also a few downs related with the use of Banana Kush. The first one is that any patients complain about dry eyes and dry mouth after the use of the strain. Also, its use is suggested for times when you’re free and relaxing. In case a busy day lies ahead of you, when you need to remain on your toes, avoid the dose, as it will make you sleepy no matter how small a quantity you consume.

As far as the looks, taste and smell of the Banana berry Kush is concerned, users claim that it is one of the sweetest, fruity, and smooth marijuana they have ever tasted. It almost tastes like real banana mixed with honeydew melon.

It’s also very distinct in its looks. There are three fingered leaves, supported on long branches, which become hefty as the flowering season approaches. Ultimately, the plant grows into a lime color, crystal coated plant, covered with red and golden glandules.

Unlike many other varieties of Kush, it does not grow well outdoors, as much as it grows indoors. Yes, you might just have to provide a good dosage of artificial light, but by the end of the day, when you pot it up, all that effort will seem rather trivial.

So, the next time you suffer from extreme, unbearable pain; are stressed out; or experience bouts of anxiety and depression, do consult your doctor about the use of banana kush, and how it can be beneficial for your health.

Banana Kush
It comes on just as smooth and sweet as you can be, just delicious!!! Whether by power of suggestion or not I totally taste fresh bananas mixed with honeydew melon and this stays in the mouth for a while after an inhale. Numbing and muscle relaxing starts at the top of the head and quickly moves down the body, accompanied by mass euphoria!
Brand: G&GGC
Manufacturer: Green & Greener Grow Collective, Inc.
5 based on 38 reviews
5 / 5 stars