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Dravet’s Syndrome And Medical Marijuana

When 6-year old Jayden David’s father, Jason David, almost gave up hope that his son will ever be well from Dravet’s Syndrome, medical marijuana proved to be the only solution for the boy to be on his feet again.

Jayden is now almost free from the frequent, violent seizures his young life experienced because of this rare form of childhood epilepsy.

The Davids are from Oakland, California and it is the Harborside Health Center, a medical marijuana clinic, which helped create the original tincture Jayden took. Harborside Health Center continues to analyze and test the medical marijuana before Jason administers it to his son.

Harborside Health Center says medical marijuana helps child patients, including Jayden, whose parents legally obtain it.

Jason David now refers to medical marijuana as “miracle marijuana” because of the wonders it brought to their lives.

Watch the video and read the original article here.

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