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Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Michigan

Do you have a location where I can come or are you just a delivery service?

Yes we have a private location where you can safely review medicine and we also personally deliver.

How does delivery work?

Minimum for delivery is a quarter. We understand names and pictures only tell so much therefore we bring up to 8 different quarters so you can review and select comfortably with no obligation. There is no fee, however, we do ask to tip the driver.

How does direct mail work?

Minimum for direct mail is a quarter.  Orders are processed within 24 hours and will receive within 1-3 business days.  Copy of photo ID and MMP card/paperwork can be emailed to or faxed 313-887-9391.

How does the private location work?

Same day appointments are available or schedule in advance. We are located in Southfield.

What are your hours of operation?

Personal Delivery:  Monday thru Saturday 11am to 7pm.

Private Location: Monday thru Saturday 11am to 7pm and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.

Do you provide clones?

No. Not at the moment.

Do you take overages?

Yes. Setup an appointment so we can review and discuss at our private location.

Do you accept MMMP paperwork or do I have to have my MMMP card?

Yes, if your MMMP paperwork is 21 days or older along with copy of ID.

What do I need to have for an appointment?

MMMP paperwork and/or MMMPCard with Photo ID.

Is there a fee for membership?


Do I have to be a member?


How do I place order?

Online, Phone, Text, or at PrivateLocation.

How can I receive the meds?

Direct Mail, Personal Delivery, or Private location.

Can I make an appointment today?

Yes. Same day appointments are available or schedule in advance.  We do this for your safety and privacy.

What are your donation rates?

Mix Any 3 Grams  –  50
Mix Any 2 Eights or 1 Quarter  –  100
Mix Any 4 Eights or 2 Quarters  –  190
Mix Any 8 Eights or 4 Quarters  –  350

*Patient & Caregivers Discounts Available on 2 Ounces or more per month.