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Grape Ape


The latest to enter in our product list is a sweet tasting strain named grape Ape. At GG&GC, we offer Grape Ape strain of the finest quality in complete compliance with the medical marijuana laws of the state.

Grape Ape

This light green strain with a royal purple tip is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a cross between an Afghani breed and Skunk. Beautiful to look at, the strain embodies a distinguishing crystalline appearance. Its light green base is covered with deep purple and frosty trachoma’s, and orange hair.

With a grade of A+, Grape Ape is popular among its users for its taste that resembles grape fruit. Grape Ape seed with its sweet and sugary flavor produces a smoke, which is rich in natural grape flavor and therefore, pleasant to inhale.

Grape Ape strain works as an effective appetite booster, and also aids in treating stomach pain. It’s a powerful mood enhancer and provides effective pain relief against migraines, body aches and headaches. The strain relaxes the mind and the body to reduce fatigue, anxiety and fear.

This thick sweet tasting strain can be a great replacement for coffee. Its strong effects last up to 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

If you’re suffering from severe stomach ache, migraines, and pass you day in anxiety and fatigue, Grape ape is the right strain for you. Hundreds of patients in the US are using the strain for healing their body and mind; you too can be one of them.

You can get in touch with our strain experts on any question about its use and growth. Call or text us on 248-266-0790.


Light green nug with each clump ending in a nice royal purple tip. It smells very sweet and sour. It tastes very strongly of grapes, or possibly irises. It works wonders for stomach pains, and on top of that increases appetite. It has some minor body euphoric, so mood enhancement is definitely present.
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