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Hindu Skunk

hindu skunk strain

Hindu Skunk: Its History and Benefits

Various Marijuana forms like the hash and Kush, find their origins in the Himalayan region. The Hindu Kush, also popularly known as Hindu Skunk, is one major variety of the Kush that’s traces back its history to the mighty lands of the fertile Himalayan belts in Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India. For a long time now, the region has remained in limelight for its territorial conflicts and cannabis cultivation.

In Fact, the name of the Hindu Kush weed has been derived from one of the world renowned Hindu Kush peaks, where it has been cultivated on the highest point, Chitral since ancient times. It’s a luxury even in the modern times to get access to Hindu Skunk weed, for its rarity.

Considered to be one of the most balanced varieties of hybrid weed, the plant produces equal cerebral effects, while relaxing the muscles in the body. This along with the mild high it takes you on is prompting medical science for an increased use of Hindu Kush weed in treating various medical conditions.

Already, many practitioners have started using it for mild pain relief, and treating stress and anxiety. A good muscle relaxant, beside pain relief, it is also useful in treating insomnia and increasing appetite. Medical conditions like glaucoma, asthma, spasticity, nausea and others have been tested to be successfully treated with the help of this weed.

The plant of the Hindu Kush consists of light green medium size buds interspersed with random clusters of orange hair. The light green buds are resinous and its dense flower structure allows easy smoking of the weed. It is flushed with a sweet and fruity fragrance. It is only when you break it open when it exuberates the skunky fragrance.

What most smokers really enjoy about the weed is the earthy Kush taste that is followed by the sweet taste on inhaling. On inhaling, it only produces a very mild strain on the throat and there is not much chance of going into a coughing fit.

As already mentioned it’s difficult to get your hands on the rare Hindu Kush, but many people have now started cultivating it at home. You can plant the Hindu Kush seeds, both indoors and outdoors. It grows best indoors, and flowering begins in about 8 weeks, after which you can get anywhere up to 450 grams per plant.

The flowering period lasts up to 50 -60 days, and begins in the month of September. The higher the temperature and humidity, the better the growth will be. Mediums of growing the plant can vary. From soil, to hydroponics and inert mixes, its quick adaptability allows it to sustain in medium.

So, if you think you too suffer from varying degrees of anxiety, insomnia, depression, or mild physical conditions like cramps, and inflammation, then too, you can consult your doctor for the use of Hindu Kush, which has medium lasting and yet provides effective relief against different ailments.

You can also consult experts on how to successfully grow it at home. It’s an easy plant to grow and for complete safety, seeking advice would be a good idea.

Hindu Skunk
This is a pure Indica strain, strong skunk flavor. It’s a strong smelling plant with a distinctive smell. Great body high. Best for night time medicating and can be used for a variety of ailments including insomnia, nausea and acute pain.
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