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Green and Greener Grow Collective (G&GGC) is a trusted source for variety of cannabisproducts related to cannabis treatment. We not only provide medicines and various kinds of marijuana edibles, but also specialize in providing all other related marijuana products in Michigan including marijuana equipment, oils, and pipes.

For a successful marijuana treatment it becomes imperative that you are always well equipped to make use of our marijuana medicines. If you’re a non smoker, and are looking for skin treatment without consuming marijuana directly, you can then use marijuana oils that offer quick relief.

G&GGC also provides equipment like ballasts, halide, and reflectors that facilitate quick growth of marijuana, you can now order from a wide range of such equipment, hassle free.

For, these and many such diverse needs of people for an effective cannabis treatment, G&GGC offers a wide range of trusted marijuana products. Our products meet high standards of quality and rate high on performance.

Given below is a list of our high quality marijuana products. Read on to learn more

Marijuana Oils:

marijuana oil michigan

Our marijuana oil extracts are highly effective for providing quick relief against a number of ailments. These oils can be directly applied on the skin surface for curing skin diseases.

Alternately these oils can also be used for smoking, vaporization or even oral consumption. Research now suggests that marijuana oil can be successfully used for curing various types of cancer, especially skin cancer.

Marijuana oils are of thick consistency and may range from light golden brown to dark brown in color. They are highly concentrated with THC, this may vary anywhere between 40% and 90%, depending on their individual uses and the requirements of the patients.

A single drop of these oils is enough to stone anyone down. They provide quick relief against chronic pain.


Marijuana Equipment

marijuana equipment michigan

For cultivating marijuana, Green and Greener Grow are now offering a wide range of equipment. You can order different electronic and magnetic ballasts, Super HPS, metal halide, reflectors to suit the different needs. For growing marijuana indoors, another effective option we have on offer is the non toxic tents. They come covered with reflective material, which allows rapid growth of the plant.

All our equipment guarantees high quality and durability. It rates high on performance and efficiency. Since all these products are in house products, we have a well maintained stock, from which you can order equipment of your choice with a single click of the mouse.


Marijuana Pipes

Marijuana pipes or most often called the weed pipes are used for smoking marijuana. In fact, if you are keen to get a cannabis treatment, a marijuana pipe is a must.

G&GGC now offers a variety of such pipes that help in easy smoking. These include outside colorful chillum, inside out pipe, heavy duty pipes, bubbling pipes, quicker pipes, magnet pipes, and erbo pipes.

These pipes are available in a number of materials, shapes and sizes. These range from glass pipes, aluminum pipes, water based pipes, and more. You can choose whatever suits your needs best or whatever your practitioner has prescribed you for use.